• Weight loss
  • Feel better in your body
  • More energy in everyday life
  • Muscle building
  • More mobility
  • Definition
  • Learn new movements
  • Look better in the mirror


  • 10 weeks workouts
  • 16 units
  • Nutrition guidelines
  • Info for training at home
  • 2x professional body measurement with Bio-Impedance Analysis (start + end)
  • Semi-individual support with a maximum of 20 participants
  • Finding and keeping fun in training
  • Motivation and good Energy
  • WhatsApp group



Bootcamp Coach Jimmy Outlaw trainiert mit Battle Rope

– Holistic Functional Trainer

– Group Fitness Instructor

– Personal Trainer

– International Speaker

– Yoga-Coach

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Regardless of your athletic performance level, my bootcamp is about regularly working out and getting better in a fixed group. If you want to improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and mindfulness with lots of positive energy and motivation, then I look forward to meeting you!

The training takes place twice a week over 8 weeks. Every Monday and Wednesday between 07:00 am – 08:00 am. Between the 03.04.23 and the 05.06.23.

If you know in advance of the 10 weeks that you will not be able to attend certain dates, we will deduct these units from the price. So you only pay for what you really see.

A unit lasts 60 minutes.

Our training sessions are designed so that everyone gets their money’s worth. For Beginners and Experienced. You determine the intensity yourself at any time. In most exercises we work with our own body weight. This also prevents overloading of the joints.

If you get injured before the bootcamp or become ill, your hours remain valid for the next bootcamp. So you don’t lose any money.

The general cancellation conditions are:

  • up to 4 weeks before the start: free cancellation
  • up to 2 weeks before the start without giving reasons: 50% of the amount has to be paid
  • less than 2 weeks before the start without giving reasons: 100% of the amount has to be paid

After registration you will receive an invoice to be paid by bank transfer.

If the bootcamp cannot take place due to Covid regulations, your hours remain valid for the next bootcamp.

Just write me an e-mail to I answer in less than 24h.


Currently no Bootcamp to register.


Currently no Bootcamp available

New dates coming soon

Bootcamp Zurich

My boot camp is a ten-week training program with fixed dates in a group. We train according to a systematic structure in high-intensity sessions and release the motivating energy of the group. The group stays together from start to finish. This creates positive group dynamics and a trusting atmosphere. We push each other to our limit so that over time we become stronger, better, more enduring and happier.

My boot camp in the most beautiful city in Switzerland is aimed at people who want to work together with others on their goals. If you like to work out and sweat it out with music and a lot of laughter, then the boot camp is just right for you.

In the program we start with a bio-impedance analysis to record your actual physical condition. This serves as a starting point for us to be able to make your successes during the boot camp tangible. You can not only celebrate visible successes, but also measurable ones.

As the program progresses, the units follow a clear structure. We start with simple exercises to lay the foundations for the further sessions. It is important to me that the correct execution of the exercise is internalized. Safety is the absolute basis for your success. Due to the group setting, all participants can learn the right technique and support each other – in addition to my guidance and control. This structure creates quasi-personal support with a high quality standard for maximum success.

In the following sessions we will get to know more exercises that will continue to challenge you. After the program you can be proud of your progress and you might even be amazed at what you have achieved. Exercises that made you frown in doubt before the start of the program have become standard for you after completing the boot camp in Zurich.

Challenging and encouraging is one of the principles in the boot camp. It is important for me to also respond to individual participants in the group. If an exercise is still too difficult or much too easy for you, we vary it on an individual basis so that you get exactly the right training for your level of performance.

The individual units at the boot camp in Zurich also follow a common thread. We start with a holistic warming of the body and – no matter how stressful everyday life was before – we get the right energy to be able to fully power.

Then we combine high-intensity strength training with full-body exercises, holistic movement flows and short load intervals. The intensity is continuously increased. In this way we ensure a high impact and protect ourselves from overloading at suddenly high intensities.

At the end of the sessions we pay attention to a cool down that involves your whole body so that all structures can shut down. This initiates physical regeneration processes at an early stage.

Your mind also switches from the high-intensity stress state to relaxation mode. After you’ve challenged your body for an hour and pushed your limits with the group, feelings of happiness spread. This feeling at the end of the hour cannot be described, but one thing should be said: it will be addictive.

In addition to the pillars of “training” and “group dynamics”, we also focus on the pillar of “nutrition” at Bootcamp Zurich. This special feature of our program ensures that your body and mind become more efficient and healthier in all respects.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in training success – that’s exactly why it’s firmly integrated with us.

After the 20 sessions, another bio-impedance analysis is carried out so that you can not only see and feel your successes, but also measure them and celebrate with the others.

Contact me now to be part of this ten week experience that will reconnect you with your body.