Personal trainers are now a dime a dozen. You should take your time to choose the right coach for you. That’s why I’ll introduce myself to you. You won’t get marathon training with me. No bodybuilding contest prep or strongman training. I offer you a holistic functional training that is tailored to your personal everyday situation.

  • Functional full body workout
  • Bodyweight, Dumbbell & Machine Training
  • Yoga flows
  • Relaxation techniques such as meditation

My goal is to bring your body and mind back into balance. Both must be encouraged and challenged in order to be able to lead a healthy and happy life. If that appeals to you, you’ve come to the right place. I look forward to meeting you.



Groupfitness Instructor DFAV


Fitness Instructor IFAA


Personal Trainer-Nutrition Coach IFAA


International body & mind fitness speaker in Korea, Dubai, Poland, Japan, Germany, Switzerland


One year stay in Tokyo. Activity as brand ambassador Body & Mind


Move to Switzerland, self-employment as a personal trainer, the Jimmy Outlaw Personal Training brand is born


Yoga Teacher Training- 200 hours, Yoga Alliance


Founding of the Body Transformation Camps (Bootcamp)


1. Question: Why do you want to help people to have a better life?

I believe very strongly in the words profession and calling. I realized very quickly what I enjoy professionally in life. For this reason I decided to do an apprenticeship as a carpenter, but in the end it wasn’t my calling. From a young age I was very physically active as a dancer and athlete and noticed what a strong impact it has on us humans when we move. And don’t just move, but consciously do something for body and mind. You feel fantastic is balanced, motivated and energetic. All these components were important pillars that I wanted to have in me as continuously as possible and thus my journey into the world of sport and health began. When I turned 18, a lot of people around me started getting sick all the time and getting injured or often felt unmotivated and powerless. Even then I encouraged them to go to the gym, do sports or do something for themselves that nourished them internally and so my calling became tangible for me. And I knew I wanted to help people work on themselves and their fitness.


2. Question: How come you live in Switzerland?

After my one-year stay in Tokyo, I knew that life was getting serious for me. I had to decide which path I wanted to take for myself. So that my dream of becoming a self-employed personal trainer comes true, but I can also find a place for myself in the future that nourishes me and makes me happy. Without having to increase the distance to my family. After thinking about it for a moment, I knew that Switzerland had everything to cover this dream, as well as my interests. So it quickly became clear to me that Switzerland would be my new home.


3. Question: How does personal training work for you?

Usually it’s very simple. The person makes initial contact with me via telephone or e-mail. I then invite the customer to the studio to get an insight into what a personal training studio looks like and how it is equipped. It plays an important role when it comes to setting goals for each customer. This is followed by a discussion in which goals and wishes are defined. If both sides agree and feel comfortable, the free trial training can start. And then the customer can decide whether he wants to start his journey into the world of fitness and health. If this is the case, an individual training and nutrition plan is created. And then it starts…..


4. Question: Which people train with you?

Male and female clients between the ages of 20-79 train with me. Since I have been in the fitness industry for a number of years and have fortunately learned many training methods, this gives me the opportunity to cover a wide range of goals, desires and even age categories.


5. Question: What do you have to bring with you for the training?

Basically, it doesn’t take much, but what it takes is the clear desire to change something. So to speak, the desire for a healthy, fit and vital body and mind. The goal doesn’t even need to be defined, as it will keep adjusting as the process progresses. Which is perfectly fine.


Is Jimmy Outlaw my real name?

One question is sure to be on your lips: “Is Jimmy Outlaw your real name?” And yes, that really is my official name.

I’m Jimmy Outlaw, Holistic Functional Trainer in Zurich and I look forward to getting to know you in personal coaching or in the boot camp.

I grew up in Germany, near Darmstadt. But I knew early on that I wanted to see more of the world. But first I started my professional life in the traditional way with an apprenticeship. I quickly realized that that couldn’t be everything. My hobby, dancing, was very important to me at that time and still forms an essential part of my work today, because dancing creates a different quality of movement that unites body and mind.

Fitness training was also a passion for me from a young age. At that time I also realized that this passion was not only for my training. Rather, it was a wonderful feeling for me to support others. That’s why I can say today that my work as a personal coach in Zurich is not just my job, but a calling.

After all, I traveled the world and gained a lot of experience in different areas. Dancing, fitness, weight training, martial arts, yoga, meditation… Many influences shaped my understanding of the human body and mind. All of these forms of bodywork had connections. They all helped people on their own path to feeling better in their bodies, but also measurably to live healthier lives.

The people I look after are just as diverse as the methods I have been able to get to know.

In my work, I therefore attach great importance to responding to each person individually. Everyone needs a personal approach to achieve their goals. Thanks to my experience, I can draw on a large repertoire and develop an individual approach with my customers that promises maximum success.

That sounds a bit technical so far. But personal fitness is always an emotional, interpersonal process. Enthusiasm, passion, empathy and a level of trust are the cornerstones of my work. An atmosphere in which my customers feel comfortable and understood. This is the only way we can achieve goals together without distraction. My motivation for the goals of my customers is noticeable. A high, active energy sparks your own enthusiasm for body and mind.

Let’s get to know your goals in an introductory conversation and release the energy to achieve them.

I’m Jimmy Outlaw, your Holistic Functional Trainer and I’m happy to meet you.