To see if the training is successful, we record your most important data at the beginning. These include weight, body fat, pulse, blood pressure, previous illnesses, goals and much more.

Personal Training Planing

With this data, I will create a plan that is perfectly tailored to you, which will serve as an important tool for you to achieve and maintain your goals in the long term. I always make sure that I adapt the plans to your life situation and not you to the plans.

Once all the plans have been drawn up, it’s time for our first training session. Here I will go through the plans with you at my leisure and show you step by step how you can work with the plans. Depending on your wishes and goals, we train outdoors, at your home or in the fitness studio.

To check whether we are on the right course, we take regular control measurements. You will quickly see how the training will have a positive impact on all areas of your life.


1. Mental Strength

Focus & mental strength

2. Feel-good weight

Aesthetics & feel-good weight

3. Strong joints

Faster goal implementation & results


4. Immune system

Strengthening of the cardiovascular system


5. Control

Safe and goal oriented training


6. Motivation

Inspiration & motivation



0,- CHF

haken  60 min trial session


170,- CHF

haken  60 min training session

haken  nutrition guidedance

10x Session

150,- CHF

gesamt 1500,- CHF

haken  10×60 min training session

haken  individual nutrition plan

haken  2x body composition analysis

20x Session

140,- CHF

gesamt 2800,- CHF

haken  20×60 min training session

haken  individual nutrition plan

haken  4x body composition analysis


WOLFGANG, Psychoanalyst

Professional and cordial: This is how training is fun. As the second oldest participant (72) and after several years of training with Jimmy Outlaw, I can say: you don’t turn into a fountain of youth, but the limestone stops trickling softly.

RENATE, Midwife

The training sessions with Jimmy are a lot of fun and very varied and well structured. My back and joint pain has decreased significantly or is gone completely, for which I am very grateful. Jimmy’s competence and sympathy round off every training session perfectly.

ZARPANA, Entrepreneur

Jimmy is a pro through and through. What makes him special is his understanding of the body and his holistic work. He sees the body holistically and not segmented, which gives me a lot of confidence in his work. We have been working together for 3 years and he helps me to strengthen, define and relax my body but he also helped me with my torn ligaments when I needed therapy. Jimmy you are my hero thank you for everything.

ROLAND, Project Manager

Jimmy is a professional personal trainer who knows how to explore your limits and tease out your last strength. A great motivator! No training is like the other – the variety of exercises never makes you become accustomed to it, but new incentives are constantly being created, which means that the training is always super exciting and entertaining for me. His clear and precise instructions allow for focused and goal-oriented work – simply great!

PASCAL, Site management hospital

5 stars for Jimmy, I’ve been a Jimmy customer for over a year and train together about once a week. Jimmy manages to motivate with his winning way and to design the training in such a way that it is both fun and successful. Thank you very much Pascal.

ELI, Human Resources

I’ve been training with Jimmy for a few years now. I am now a mother of two small children. With his professional training, which was specially adapted to my situation, Jimmy accompanied me both through the pregnancies and after the pregnancies helped me to get back to my old form. I could always rely on his comprehensive know-how and I always felt that I was in good hands.

NICOLE, Business consultant

I’ve been going to CrossFit training for four years, which I really enjoy, pushes me and pushes me to my limits.
In order to balance this action program for me and to implement long-term goals, such as to build up deep muscles, to establish mobility and mental relaxation, I also started with a 1:1 training with Jimmy. I am super happy and grateful for the many helpful tips and impulses that show noticeable and above all positive effects and changes after a short time.

JAY, IT financial industry

I’ve been training with Jimmy for a few years now and I can say the following. He has acquired both a very broad and deep knowledge from his professional activity and in turn he imparts this knowledge with a lot of joy, energy and passion. He has strengthened me physically and mentally over the last few years and I will remain loyal to him as a customer and friend for as long as possible.


The personal training takes place in Zurich. You decide whether you want to train at home, in your gym or outdoors.

• At home

• Gym

• outdoors

We also have the opportunity to complete the training at the becoached loft in Zurich or at Pure Health Consulting in Steinhausen.

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As a personal trainer in Zurich, I was able to gain experience with a wide variety of goals and different people. They all agree that they have made a decision. The decision not to be satisfied with the status quo, but to want to improve something. The decision to set goals and to achieve them.

You see, it’s not goal or fitness level that unites people who engage in personal training. It’s a mindset, a motivation, a determination. Having a personal trainer in Zurich means wanting to work on yourself. And it is precisely for these people that my offer is the ideal opportunity to achieve their goals.

Personal training is a process in which I, as an experienced personal trainer in Zurich, will accompany you on your personal path. I will put together the right training for your goals and, more importantly, make sure that you do the training as effectively and safely as possible.

With this form of training you can expect a number of advantages:

  • Personal care
  • Motivation from a coach
  • Constant development through new exercises and progression
  • Variety through exercise variation
  • Safe exercise execution
  • Fixed appointments so that you have no excuses and stay on the ball
  • Individual solutions for individual challenges
  • The right training for your performance level

In contrast to training alone, I will constantly motivate you to stay on the ball.

We all take on big things. But the problem is not setting goals, but sticking with them – even in difficult phases. It is precisely when people fall into a motivation hole that they stop. This is where I start and guide you through these phases with my passion and contagious energy. Because only continuity makes success possible.

Another crucial advantage is the correct execution of the exercise. Incorrectly performed exercises can of course be exhausting, but also counterproductive and even harmful. Incorrect loads arise and minor injuries creep in. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the correct technique right from the start so that you can train healthy and free of symptoms.

The biggest advantage is the individual support. Non-individual training plans cannot address your specific level of performance, your injury or medical history and therefore usually miss the point. However, as a personal trainer in Zurich, I can pick you up exactly where you are at the moment. Whether you have years of training experience, are lacing up your sports shoes for the first time or want to achieve a new attitude towards life after a complicated injury – we will find the right approach.

In my personal training, I make sure not only to look at the body, but also at the mind. These two parts of the human being must move in the same direction in order to achieve success quickly and in the long term.

I offer you a wide range of methods, such as holistic movement flows, meditation, yoga and co. You will not only feel that you will develop a new physical feeling, but that your mind will also be fresher, more active and more powerful.

My special feature is the passion that jumps over you like a spark and kindles a fire that makes you burn for your goals. I love helping people and I empathize with you as a person. In my experience, this is missing in many training sessions and prevents long-term success. But this is exactly where I start, because only with great enthusiasm will you achieve your goals. Let’s tackle this together.

Contact me now so that we can achieve your goals based on your level of performance – with passion, motivation, experience and expertise.

Your personal trainer in Zurich,

Jimmy Outlaw