People come to me for training from a wide variety of goals. But ultimately they are all there for the same reason. You can no longer establish a proper connection between body and mind. As children we are in tune with both worlds. But these two levels can be separated by external and internal influences. What is the consequence? Pain, obesity, burnout, and much more. Through my travels, experiences and further education I have developed training methods for body and mind. I would like to pass this on to you. So that you can live a happy & healthy life.



The personal training takes place in Zurich. You decide whether you want to train at home, in your gym or outdoors.

• At home

• Gym

• Outdoors

We also have the opportunity to complete the training at the becoached loft in Zurich or at Pure Health Consulting in Steinhausen.

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There is a lot of personal fitness in Zurich. Why? Because a lot of people are missing something. Somehow your own body doesn’t feel so fit anymore or the connection between body and mind is missing. Sometimes there is also a vague urge to change something. The feeling of making a fundamental decision now and wanting to feel better.

As a personal coach in Zurich, I can help with this with experience, empathy and guidance.

My personal fitness offer in Zurich is characterized by helping people more than just with their visual goals. I’m much more interested in a profound transformation, because this is the only way to really achieve goals – including visual ones.

It’s important to me to help you connect to your body. For me, mind and body are inseparable parts that influence each other. With many personal coaches in Switzerland, however, the focus is purely on the physical level. However, from my experience in Europe and Asia and with more than 20 years of experience, I have recognized that the greatest successes only come about when both body and mind develop as a unit in the same direction.

As a personal coach in Zurich, I address people who really want to achieve something. My noticeable passion for my job will infect you and give you a boost. The absolute basis for this is that you are ready to discover your limits and to exceed them with me as your partner.

In personal training I offer you different training methods.

I use a variety of approaches: Classic strength training, recovery training after injuries, strenuous HIIT units, elements of yoga and more. We will find the right and varied path specifically for your needs. I will accompany you to your goal with combined movement flows and connect body and mind. That’s exactly what my Personal Fitness in Zurich is.

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